Ayalon Projects Profile


Ayalon projects control and finance ltd. operates in several major consultancy fields:  financial consulting, projects management and control.‎

Our activities include:‎

Time scheduling

We have substantial experience, since 1989, in projects time scheduling in Israel ‎and abroad, using a variety of software. Amongst the projects which were ‎accompanied by Ayalon there are building and construction projects; ‎infrastructure projects and high-tech industry projects.‎

Schedule management is designated for effective project management, planning ‎and control. It is also used as a basis of a legal document between the initiator ‎and the contractor. This document helps in settling conflicts concerning the time ‎scheduling which was set for the project.‎

Construction loan

We have accompanied construction projects all around the country, since 1995. ‎The accompaniment of the project starts with an initial report which is also the ‎business plan of the project.‎
We continue to escort the project with the bank, with periodic report that ‎describe the progress of the project, including the progress of the construction, ‎budget management, legal issues and selling data.‎

Who gives the services?                      ‎

The CEO of the company is Ami Ayalon.‎
Amy Ayalon's expertise is in escorting companies throughout complex projects, ‎shaping the project's time schedule and controlling the progress of the project ‎and its influence on the time schedule.‎
Ami is also an expert in the field of construction loans given by banks to ‎construction companies, preparing the preliminary report which is a business plan ‎of the project relied on by banks in making the decision about the loan. ‎Consequently preparing the progress reports in order to release the installments ‎of the project's funding kept in the project account in the bank. ‎
‎ ‎
Ami Ayalon is an industrial engineer, with a degree from Tel-Aviv University. He is ‎also a system analyst and a counselor in ERP software.‎

Ami Ayalon has 30 years experience is in escorting more than one hundred ‎industrial companies and construction companies in substantial and complex ‎projects.‎